Spirit Clash is a battle for supremacy. You must clash your way through the three spiritual cores of Mind, Body, and Soul to claim victory. The first player to control two of the cores wins the game.

Spirit Clash will be released for Android, iOS & PC. It's a trading card game with a difference, utilising the Enjin Blockchain network to mint & distribute cards as ERC-1155 Tokens, meaning you truly own your cards, trade them freely and collect them all.

We employ artists all over the world to create artwork for our cards, both Digital & Traditional, as well as a team of talented developers & graphic designers.

Game development is currently in Pre-Alpha, coming close to releasing Alpha / Beta to the public. We currently have the games GUI fully up and running, with accounts, single player, fully working multiplayer with auto matchmaking, rewards & more.

Below are some images of our game in action along with some of our card designs, an explanation of our sale, and further info on how to purchase the presale packs.







  • The Private Sale will consist of 200 cards from the origins presale with varying rarities.

  • All Private Sale cards will have an exclusive Lightning Border that will never be available on these cards again once it ends.

  • Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards in the Private Sale will have alternate card art that won't be available on cards once it ends.

  • There are THREE hidden items in the Private Sale. These will be depicted by the "Promo" rarity.

Legendary cards also have a unique border to symbolize their power in the game.

Keep a look out for the "Divine" symbol. These cards will have some special visual effects.

Buy Packs

3 card pack.png

3 Card Pack

5 Card Pack

7 Card Pack

3 Exclusive Origins Presale Cards backed by Enjin & Stored on the Blockchain.


5 Exclusive Origins Presale Cards backed by Enjin & Stored on the Blockchain.

2x Legendary Drop Rate.

7 Exclusive Origins Presale Cards backed by Enjin & Stored on the Blockchain.

4x Legendary Drop Rate.

Click on each pack to make a purchase.

Private Sale Card List


Alisse, Oracle of Kartulos

Astral Apprentice

Fae of Creation

Minora, Student of Time

Siren’s Distraction

Suitor of the Void

Transfiguration Charm

Warden of Alisse

Gawadera, Progenitor of Golems

Golem Mage

Ice Golem

Kairo, Caster of Clay

Scattered Magician

Steel Golem

Surge of Spirit

Zenos, Repealing Mage

Aerovos, God of Fury

Araamoth, Fallen Mystic

Battle Axe

Kartulan Phoenix

Kraaw, Force of Kartulos

Restless Varag

Shatter Consciousness

Varag Shaman

Anura, Empress of the Underworld

Curse of Life

Hero’s Oblivion

Kahlie, Vampiric Shaman

Nero, Emissary of Darkness

Spirit Coffin

The Executor

Vampire Bat



Flesh-Eating Zealot

Helora, Blight of Kartulos

Lokust, Swarm of Kartulos

Mystic of the Dead

Needle of Toxins

Paxal, Scourge of Energy

Enlightened Monk

Follower of Light

Guardian of Light

Holy Knight

Into the Abyss

Michael, Herald of Kartulos

Monk of the Kartulan Temple

Sakira, Apostle of the Moon

Apprentice Summoner

Flux Bomb

Find the Promo Hidden Items

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